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Cheap hotels have been getting a bad reputation because of how they’re portrayed in the media, but not all cheap hotels are trashy, dank or cater to shady individuals at all. There are many budget hotel options that let you relax in comfort without worrying for your life or property, which means you don’t have to compromise safety and security for the sake of saving money.

Here are some great tips from budget-savvy travellers on finding cheap hotels on the net.

Look for hotel discounts on voucher sites

Voucher sites provide discount codes on hotels, restaurants, clothing, electronics and other products and services from various establishments and are a great way to find cheap hotels online. Through these codes, you can score big discounts on hotel rooms and packages. Simply browse through the site and look for the hotel you’re interested in staying at and see the available promo codes. Click or copy the one that applies based on your travel dates and budget and paste the code onto the booking page to apply the discount. If you’re looking for voucher codes then be sure to click on this link:

Start with a budget and compare rates

Another way to find cheap hotels on the net is to determine how much you are willing to pay on a hotel room per night, so make sure you do a search of hotels that charge below that amount. There are many price comparison sites you can use that list all the hotels that have room rates below your specified amount. Take time to shop around and don’t forget to check what the published rates include, or if there’s an additional resort fee that’s not factored in.

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Check for promotions on booking sites

There are hotel booking reservation services that specialise in discount reservations, and these can help you make significant savings on hotel rates. A minimal booking fee may apply, but it’s so small you’ll be glad you got the service instead of booking directly with the hotel.

Book directly with the hotel

This tip may seem a bit unusual considering the previous one, but hear us out. After shopping around for the lowest hotel room rates via third-party booking sites, you can try to see if the hotel will match it–and most of the time it will, and even include other perks such as a free breakfast buffet. By booking directly with the hotel for the same price offered on hotel reservation sites, you avoid having to pay a booking fee.

Check if you qualify for a discount
If you’re a member of the military, an educator or a retiree, you may be entitled to discounts on hotel room rates. If you own a credit card with partnerships with different hotels, you can get two nights free, and if you’re a frequent flyer, your airline miles can shoulder your room rate for your entire stay. While a hotel may not qualify as cheap, your membership in an organisation or your mere status as an account holder or frequent flyer can help you score great deals and even stay in a hotel for free, so make sure you check your perks before booking.